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Covid 19 and disruption to bin collections after Friday 3rd April 2020.

Milton Keynes Council (MKC) has put out the following statement concerning bin collections.

MKC & Serco are working hard to maintain core waste services, in particular protecting our rubbish and recycling services.  These services are increasingly under pressure from both staff pressures and increased tonnage as people work from home and undertake projects at home.

While our frontline team and Serco have done a great job continuing this service so far, it is now becoming increasingly under strain.  During this time we are one of only a few councils that has kept their green bin collection going.  However, in order to protect our weekly rubbish and recycling collection, this will be the last week that we will be able to deliver food and garden waste collection until our staffing levels rise again.  This will start to be communicated by the Council’s communication team this weekend.  Be assured that we will restart this service as soon as we can.

I also want to let you know that we are accelerating the annual distribution of recycling sacks.  There has been an increased demand for sacks and our capacity to respond to each request is lower, so over the next few weeks every house will get their 60 bag annual allocation.

Finally, as you are aware our household recycling facilities have closed for now.  We are asking members of the public to hold onto bulky waste items until we are able to re-open these facilities.  This is one of the ways residents can help protect our efforts to continue with the council’s core services.  But if people fly tip, they will be fined and prosecuted.

Our team and Serco are working really hard and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their dedication to our city.

In summary:-

  • This will be the last week of green bin collection until the situation improves.
  • Residents can either compost or put their food waste in their black sacks for collection.
  • As soon as we can, we will restart this service.
  • Weekly rubbish and recycling collection will continue as normal.

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