Parish of Haversham with Little Linford.

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The questionnaire was designed by researching other similar questionnaires for similar villages, and with reference to the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan consultant. It was designed to gather responses to specific questions and collect parishioners’ comments, particularly on the possibility of a new small housing development in the Parish.

It was decided to maximise the response rate to the survey by delivering and picking up completed questionnaires from each household in the Parish. Also, the questionnaire envelope was very noticeable in its colouring, and attention was drawn to the questionnaire and its purpose in the Parish Magazine.

All questionnaires were delivered 20/21st July and collected 10/11th August or soon after. A big ‘thank you’ is deserved to the small team of volunteers doing the footwork of delivery and collection.

211 questionnaires were received from the 335 households in the Parish; a response rate of 63.0%, this is a high response rate ensuring that the figures we observe, the inferences we derive, and the decisions that we make will be well- based.

Summary of preliminary key findings

  • The high response rate of 63.0 % adds to the viability of this survey.
  • 50+ people want or need to move within Haversham or, having a local connection, want to set up home in Haversham.
  • If a small housing development was of affordable housing and for local people, it would be supported by a majority of parishioners.
  • Affordable and appropriate housing for younger people or for older parishioners, specifically, would satisfy a local need and be acceptable to parishioners.
  • Parishioners are concerned that the development should remain small, be of small homes, have appropriate parking, and be sustainable near to local facilities.

It is worth adding that older people downsizing into a new development would release 2/3-bedroom properties into the local market.

The Steering Group of the Neighbourhood Plan will now set up criteria based on the survey results and consult on a ‘call for sites’

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