Parish of Haversham with Little Linford.

Local Worship

St Mary’s Church dates from the late 12th Century and has had numerous additions and facelifts over the years, to ensure that it has continued to meet the needs of the community. Most recently, it has seen the installation of a toilet and a kitchen to bring it right up to date for the 21st Century.

The church is one of four that make up the LAMP Group of Churches.

 Our teaching is based on the Bible and our worship seeks to focus upon Jesus, the one who founded Christianity. We devise our own teaching themes and courses that are used on Sundays in this church and the others that belong to the LAMP Group. 

The Parishes of Haversham with Little Linford and Tyringham with Filgrave

Revd Richard Caddell, The Rectory, Haversham  01908 312136

PCC Secretary:

Mrs Carrie Spyrou, Castlethorpe Lodge, Hanslope Road, Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes, MK19 7HD 01908 511586

Tyringham with Filgrave Churchwarden:
Mrs Marion Hansford, Culford Cottage, Filgrave  01234 711566

Baptisms, Marriages & Funerals

For information about Christenings, weddings, funerals or if you would like a visit for any reason please contact:  Rev Richard Caddell, The Rectory, High Street, Haversham, Milton Keynes, MK19 7DT, 01908 312136 or email:

Haversham Morning Worship

After each 11 o’clock service, members of the congregation are invited to stay for refreshments.


3rd December     9:30am Holy Communion, Tyringham

                           11:00am Parish Praise, Haversham

                            6:00pm Evensong, Emberton

6th Dec Wed       9:30am Holy Communion, Emberton

10th December 11:00am Holy Communion, Emberton

                           11:00am Morning Worship, Haversham

                             4:00pm Christingle Service, Haversham

                             6:00pm Carol Service, Little Linford

17th December  11:00am Holy Communion, Haversham

                              3:30pm Carol Service, Emberton

                              6:00pm Carol Service, Tyringham

22nd Dec Friday   7:00pm Angel Festival, Emberton

24th December     9:30am Holy Communion, Little Linford

                               6:00pm Carol Service, Haversham

                             11:30pm Midnight Communion, Tyringham

25th December      9:30am Christmas Parish Praise, Emberton   

                             11:00am Christmas Family Communion, Haversham

31st December   11:00am United Lamp Group Holy Communion, Haversham

3rd Jan Wed         9:30am Holy Communion, Emberton

7th January          9:30am Holy Communion, Tyringham

                             11:00am Morning Worship, Haversham

                               6:00pm Evensong, Emberton

14th January        9:30am Morning Prayer, Little Linford

                             11:00am Holy Communion, Emberton

                             11:00am Morning Worship, Haversham

21st January        9:30am Morning Prayer, Tyringham

                            11:00am Holy Communion, Haversham

                              6:00pm Evensong, Emberton

28th January         9:30am Holy Communion, Little Linford

                             11:00am Morning Worship, Haversham

                               4:00pm Cafe Church Christingle, Emberton

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