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NEXT MEETING: Monday 18th June 2018 – 7.40pm with an open Public forum at 7.30pm at Haversham Social & Community Centre – the agenda can be viewed here June 2018 agenda

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Nicholas Watson, Chair of Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council writes:

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

Parish residents will be happy to hear that community questionnaire will be landing on their door mats in the next few days. This is the next action following on from the kick off meeting we held a few week back.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out what the concerns of the community are, and there are a number of questions that focus on a number of things that other communities have considered to be important, and some things that planners and area councillors (like those on MK Council) take into consideration when making their decisions.


The questionnaire is not that long – much of it is given over to tick-box answers to questions that need only one straightforward answer, with some other questions designed to give you the opportunity to share your views on particular issues – like types of housing. So it won’t take too much time to complete.  Please try and find the 20 minutes or so to do it.

Snapshot of what interests the Community

The questionnaire is one of the most critical parts of developing a Neighbourhood Plan. When the plan has been completed, it has to be submitted to an independent inspector who will make an assessment of whether the plan shows that we have listened to different stakeholder groups in the community.

The questionnaire is designed to be inclusive – we would like everyone who is sixteen and over to complete it, to get the best possible snapshot of our community as possible. Each household will receive two printed copies of the questionnaire, but if more are needed extra copies will be on the parish website. These can be downloaded and printed.  Someone will come to your house to collect the completed questionnaires around a week after they have been delivered.

Areas of interest

The factors that have been selected to consider when thinking about development are the most obvious ones that people who live in rural or semi rural communities would come up with. These are:

  • Avoiding harm to biodiversity
  • Managing traffic
  • Preserving heritage
  • Preserving or enhancing community facilities
  • Protecting agriculture
  • Protecting the characteristics of current settlements
  • Protecting sensitive landscapes

These have been listed in alphabetical order, the same order that they will appear in on the questionnaire. This is to avoid giving the idea that the ones on the top of the list are considered more important than those lower down. These seven factors are obviously not the only things that are important, and there is an additional question which asks you to identify any other factors that you think should be taken into consideration when thinking about planning for the future.

The rest of the questionnaire is given over to getting views on housing – what sort, and where you think it should go, building design, community facilities, and working life. The final section is given over to finding out a bit about you. All of these questionnaires will be treated confidentially so you can feel confident that your views are anonymised.

We hope to complete this process by the end of June. We also hope to have more detailed information about all the stages of the process we will have to go through to completion, which will be a referendum.

Why is the Neighbourhood Plan taking so long?

A number of people have asked why is this taking so long? We’ve been talking about it for some months so what’s the delay? The answer to that is while it is ‘our’ Neighbourhood Plan – it is our own statement about ourselves – the resulting plan must follow a process that is laid down by the government, and when we have finished the plan will be inspected to show that we have followed the rules,and taken into account the views of a range of stakeholders.  There’s one way to get this right, and any numbers of ways to get it wrong.

The other reason its taking a while is that the Parish Council is made up of volunteers, who give their time freely to undertake parish council – and other voluntary work – for the community. The Neighbourhood Plan is an additional demand on that time. So to ease the burden we would like to recruit some additional members of the community who can commit themselves to doing some work on this project.


We are looking for additional people who are prepared to offer their time and take part in some aspect of the project. The Neighbourhood Plan project will run for the next year, and the demands will vary according to what activities are taking place at any given time. If you think you would like to take part, please contact me in the first instance at


Nick Watson

Chair, Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council



As a facility to the community the allotments off Brookfield road is part funded by the parish council, click on the link for its latest news – Allotment news

At the Parish Council meeting in February 2018 the terms & conditions for allotment tenants was reviewed & revised, please see copy of the latest T&C’s Allotments T&Cs final Feb 2018


Chair – Nick Watson
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Vice Chair Pam Williams
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The statutory Declarations of Councillors’ Interests are available on the MKC website.