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NEXT MEETING: Monday 19th March 2018 – 7.30pm Haversham Social & Community Centre

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Nicholas Watson, Chair of Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council writes:

This bimonthly report consists of a number of small items to keep the parish community updated.

Neighbourhood Plan – Open Meeting

From previous reports in the parish magazine you’ll be aware that we’re getting under way with the Neighbourhood Plan. Elsewhere in this magazine you’ll see an alert about a Community Consultation Meeting about the Plan from Pam Williams who is taking the lead on this for us. This meeting is to be held on Thursday 1st March, from 7.30 – 10.00 pm. This is an open meeting for the whole community and the more people who can come along the wider the range of views we’ll have. Please make every effort to attend. More details are available in the notice.

Neighbourhood Plan – Participation

The success of the Neighbourhood Plan will depend on wide participation from the community. If you feel that you’d like to take an active role in the process, please let me and Pam Williams know.

Neighbourhood Plan – How’s it going?

We’re only going to get one go at developing and delivering this plan, and my main concern is that we get it right – that we deliver a plan that has been developed in the full view of the whole community, that all groups and stakeholders in the community has had an opportunity to contribute to the development of the plan, and that everyone understands the outcomes. I see one of my main responsibilities is making sure this happens. If you have any concerns about the way the process is working, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on

Skate Ramp

As previously reported, the finance is in place for the skate ramp which will be located in the South East corner of the recreation ground. The ground is far too wet at the moment for the contractors to get under way, but as soon as things dry out we will be breaking ground on the build.

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park

The New Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park located at Wolverton Mill is still going through its commissioning process. While the commissioning phase continues any problems to do with plant performance or emissions are the responsibility of Amey – the company that is building it. If you detect any problems – and in particular noise and odour– from the plant there is a number that you should ring to log the issue. This is 08453656452 which is the Amey Customer Service Centre. This is a national service centre so you should make sure you identify where you are calling from and the name of the plant.

Traffic in the Village

Thanks are due to Cllrs Ian Burgess and Ed Neil who have been collecting data on traffic movement through the village on the High Street, and at the Wolverton road. This is a long term effort which will help us build our arguments for better traffic management through the parish. Ian and Ed have been working doggedly for over two years on this project.

Parish Communications

We are working to make sure that the parish website is kept update and as relevant as possible for the community. If there is anything that you’d like the website to do that it currently isn’t achieving please let Cllr Barry Clift know.

Nick Watson



As a facility to the community the allotments off Brookfield road is part funded by the parish council, click on the link for its latest news – Allotment News Jan-Feb 2018  

At the Parish Council meeting in February 2018 the terms & conditions for allotment tenants was reviewed & revised, please see copy of the latest T&C’s Allotments T&Cs final Feb 2018


Chair – Nick Watson
31 Brookfield Rd Tel. 01908 315566
Vice Chair Pam Williams
3 Mill Road 
Ian Burgess
2 The Stables 
Ed Neal
35 Brookfield Rd 
Pam Furniss
31 Brookfield Rd 
Barry Clift
21 Wolverton Road
Carol Langham
108 Wolverton Road

The statutory Declarations of Councillors’ Interests are available on the MKC website.