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NEXT MEETING: Monday 18 DECEMBER 2017  – 7.30pm Haversham Social & Community Centre

Copy of Agenda can be found here – December 2017 Agenda


Nicholas Watson, Chair of Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council writes:

The theme this time seems to be Planning. The Milton Keynes Council draft PlanMK is currently out for comment (and parishioners are encouraged to look at the plan, and take the opportunity to add their own views on what is proposed – but do it quickly! The deadline is 20th December). Last week the National Infrastructure Commission announced plans to develop a seven billion pound, one million house infrastructure corridor linking Cambridge, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Bicester and Oxford. This so-called Oxford-Cambridge Arc will obviously mean big changes to the area, which will impact on us even though the transport links look like they will run to the South of the city. Here is the link to the site:

And last, but by no means least, we are kicking off our own Haversham-cum-Little Linford Neighbourhood Plan.


As you may recall I wrote about our proposed Neighbourhood Plan in the magazine last time. Now we’re starting to gear up for the work in earnest. Pam Williams, one of our Parish Councillors, has taken the lead on the work, and she has written an update elsewhere in the magazine. I must take the opportunity to thank Pam for all the work she’s already doing on this – including securing grant funding for the first tranche of work that we need to do. I’m not going to repeat the points she makes, except to emphasise that this must be a whole community effort.


A Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity to tell the planners what we want in our community; to set a vision and tone for our future, and to have a say in any developments that might happen. It is not going to be possible for us to say ‘no’ to all housing development proposals. One of things that emerged from the horrific proposals for massive housing developments last year, was that we must be prepared, along with all the other rural and smaller urban communities North of the city, to accept some housing developments. And also, perhaps most importantly for all of us, to consider where any developments may go, and how they may help to build a distinctive forward-looking, and forward-thinking community for the next generation.


For those things to happen it’s essential that you, the community, are fully involved. The plan should involve all groups and interests in Haversham and Little Linford – especially the younger members of the community who plan to make this place their home for years to come. To get the ball rolling, the Parish magazine also includes an article from Kieron Tanner. Kieron has already put considerable effort into working on developing amenities in the village, and has already stuck up his hand to help with the plan. To find out more about Neighbourhood Plans read Pam’s article, and have a look at


Elsewhere in the Parish magazine is an item from Patrick Upton, who lives in Little Linford. Patrick has been energetically involving himself as a member of the community in planning matters for some time, and I think his zeal is to be applauded. Patrick is not on the parish council but is a private individual who is also putting his shoulder to the wheel – a great example for the sort of engagement that we are hoping for from the community as we start to work on the Neighbourhood Plan. Patrick’s letter concentrates on the proposed Linford Lakes and Little Linford Lane housing developments, but also mentions the Public Consultation on Plan MK, which is in progress right now.

Also included there is information on an application to build two houses at the back of the Greyhound’s car park.


The public consultation on the draft Plan MK is taking place right now, and closes on 20th December. This is the opportunity for you as residents to offer comments on a very significant planning proposal for Milton Keynes. The Parish Council is commenting as a body, but as many parishioners as possible should take the opportunity to chip in. Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council is taking the view that broadly speaking we support what is being proposed. We were encouraged to see that the plan recognises that the Ouse Valley is a significant natural barrier, and forms a logical and practical northern boundary to the city. We would like to see this adopted as planning policy, which will be the same as the position adopted in the 2004 Local Plan. If you’re interested here’s the link to the relevant part of the MKC website:


Finally, a note on communications in the village. This feels like an important moment for us to make sure we’re using an appropriately wide range of channels to reach all parts of our community. This magazine is always going to have a key role in the comms plan but we recognise that increasingly people are getting their news and other content through social media. We’ve made a start by having a fresh look at this parish website and ensuring that it is regularly updated. The next step is to look into how we might improve its functionality and link up more effectively with other social media channels. I want to thank Councillors Barry Clift (who’s taking the lead on this) and Ed Neal.

Nick Watson


As a facility to the community the allotments off Brookfield road is part funded by the parish council, click on the link for its latest news – ALLOTMENTS NEWS  


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