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Upcoming Parish Elections for Our Community

As you might be aware we are due to have a local parish election on the second May. This is to elect a new parish council for the whole of Haversham-cum-Little Linford. This process happens every four years. In the past you may not have noticed a local election taking place. This is because for the most part the present councillors put themselves up for re-election and are returned unopposed. In fact there has only been one contested election in the parish in the last quarter-century. I take two messages from this:

Firstly, it shows that we have a group of councillors who are willing to volunteer themselves time and again, to undertake the work of the community. This we should be very thankful for. There is a lot of work involved in running the parish council, which is all done by voluntary help, supported by a part time clerk, and we have a great group of councillors at the moment.

That said, this election is designed to offer the opportunity of a democratic refresh of our elected representatives. It is the community’s chance to get directly involved in local decision making. This is nowhere more true than for our local input into planning processes, through our Neighbourhood Plan, the development of which the Parish Council is leading on. This is the moment when, if you have particular views about this or any aspect of what is done on your behalf in the community, you can put yourself forward.

What are the details if you want to put yourself forward? You’ll need to complete a nomination paper and make sure that you meet all the criteria laid out in a candidate’s checklist which comes with the nomination papers. More details are available from Pam Loose from MK Council on 01908 252529, or via email at

PC election information

Borough election information

The nomination papers need to be handed in to MK Council by Wednesday 3rd April. That can be done directly, or our parish clerk Thomas Walker at can help out with that.

The parish council confines itself to local issues, almost entirely within our boundary, although we work with other parishes in the rural parts of MK Unitary Authority where our interests coincide, and with our elected MK Councillors. We are not party political.

But even if you’re not prepared to put yourself up for election, do consider contributing to the development of our Neighbourhood Plan, which will be an important policy statement made by our community, to reflect the interests of the community.

Nicholas Watson

Chair, Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council


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