Parish of Haversham with Little Linford.

Neighbourhood Plan Results

We are delighted to tell you of the progress we have made with the community questionnaire that was circulated to all homes in the parish as part of the process to develop our Neighbourhood Plan.

Response rate

334 households received two copies of the questionnaire. The total number of questionnaires returned and analysed was 375. (Only one of these was downloaded from the website, the rest were returns of printed copies.) It isn’t possible to calculate the exact average number of returns per household because a number of them were returned without their envelopes. However, as close as it is possible to estimate, 257 households responded, with a rounded average of 1.5 questionnaires returned from each household. This results in an estimated response rate of 77%.

All residents aged 16 and over were asked to complete a questionnaire but we cannot measure the response rate per person because the total population in the parish is not known.


All responses are now available for everyone to read. The answers to the quantitative (tick-box) sections of the questionnaire have been summarised in a single document; the free text answers to the open questions have been collected into individual files for each question. You will find links to these documents below. The original questionnaire is also included.

As a reminder this is a copy of the full questionnaire  – Haversham NP Questionnaire

Here is a summary of the quantitative responses – Summary of quantitative responses

Here are the total answers to all the qualitative questions:-

Question 2 – Are there any other factors that you think should be taken into consideration when thinking about planning for the future in our community. Question 2

Question 3 – What are the three most important factors we should take into account in identifying suitable land for housing development. Question 3

Question 4 – What should our highest priority be for the types of homes we plan for? Against each of the following categories indicate importance for you, and say why ( e.g. downsizing, accommodation for younger people) Question 4

Question 6 – Should we be considering other ways of providing homes in our community? Please specify Question 6

Question 8 – If we are not to make traffic on our roads any worse in our own Plan, what general locations around the parish would be best for us to look at? Question 8

Question 10 – What enhancements or changes to existing facilities would you like to see? Question 10

Question 11 – What additional community facilities would you like see being developed from any such money? Question 11

Question 12 – Are there any parts of the landscape in the Parish you particularly enjoy being in or using? Please tell us which. Question 12

Question 14 – Do you think that we need any more footpaths or changes to existing ones? Please Specify:  Question 14

Question 15 –  How important is it to use our Neighbourhood Plan to try to find ways of improving the natural environment of the Parish? If you think it’s important, where in the parish should the improvements be?
Question 15

Question 16 – Do you think that the Neighbourhood Plan should seek to protect this current pattern of land usage? Do you have any comments that support your view? Question 16

Question 17 –  Do you think that the Neighbourhood Plan should seek to encourage new enterprises into the community with new small business units? Do you have any comments that support your view? Question 17

Question 18 –  Are there any other local planning issues or anything else that you think the plan should tackle? Question 18

The Neighbourhood Plan Development Team

(If you have any queries, please contact Adele Boughton, Parish Clerk,