Parish of Haversham with Little Linford.

Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

We are part way through the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. This is our opportunity to tell the planners what we want in our community; to set a vision and tone for our future, and to have a say in any developments that might happen.

The process is led by the Parish Council and involves a wider group of local residents in the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. We are also working with a planning consultancy firm, O’Neill Homer, who provide expert advice and guidance in the process.

If you would like to make any comments to the Steering Group, please email Adele Boughton, the Parish Clerk at We would be very happy to hear from you.

Main events

Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan is a lengthy process that has been prolonged even further by the Covid-19 pandemic. The main events in the process so far are listed below, with the most recent at the top.

December 2020

Due to the COVID pandemic the Parish Council was unable to hold the planned public consultation exercise on the draft Neighbourhood Plan . Instead we issued a Consultation document and questionnaire to every household in the Parish. Two yellow questionnaires were inserted with every copy of the document to allow each adult to respond by the end of December 2020.

The Questionnaire was designed to gather and evaluate residents; responses to the short list of 5 potential small-scale sites for housing development in the Parish. It also sought views on a range of policy options for the final Neighbourhood Plan.

A copy of the Consultation document can be found here Consultation document

A copy of the Consultation questionnaire can be found here Consultation Questionnaire

Summer 2020

Photographs were chosen and maps were selected from Task Group reports and refined for inclusion in the Consultation document to show:-

  • Viewpoint locations
  • Green & Blue infrastructure networks
  • Minerals plan designated areas
  • Flood risk zones
  • Public footpaths, bridleways & cycleways
  • Green areas including ancient woodland / TPO’s
  • Lakes
  • Wildlife corridors & all areas of environmental designation.


April / May 2020

Steering Group meet (virtually) to further develop policy ideas to be included in the next Consultation and, if accepted, the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

 January – March 2020

The Steering Group considered responses received from the call for sites.

There were 11 sites put forward by the landowners. Two sites were deemed illegible due to not meeting the required preferences for size, i.e. too big. With further details and clarification from landowners where needed, the remaining nine sites were scrutinised further and assessed against the criteria.

October / November 2019

A ‘call for sites’ letter was sent to all landowners adjoining the existing settlement areas of New Haversham and Old Haversham. They were asked if they had any interest in their land being put forward as a possible site for development in the Neighbourhood Plan

28 such sites were initially identified.

Criteria for acceptable sites based on the earlier resident consultations were prepared by the Steering Group with the consultant and included in the ‘call for sites’ letter. These criteria for the type of land required were:

  • Small in size
  • Would include predominantly affordable housing.
  • Will preserve the character of the village.
  • Will preserve local biodiversity.
  • Will not significantly worsen the existing traffic congestion.
  • Will deliver low energy, low water use, low carbon footprint.

 A copy of the Call for Sites letter to landowners can be found here Call for Sites letter

End of 2019/early 2020

The four Task Groups submitted their final reports to the Steering Group:

Housing and Transport

Environment and Design

Community Facilities

Community Engagement and Communication

July / August 2019

A Housing Needs Survey was designed by researching other similar questionnaires for similar villages, and with reference to O’Neill Homer, the Parish Council’s consultant. It was designed to gather responses to specific questions and collect parishioners’ comments, particularly on the possibility of a new small housing development in the Parish.

April / May 2019

Each task group continues their research and work to formulate their recommendations to report to the Steering Group for inclusion in the NP.

The Environment and Design group, accompanied by other local residents, carry out character appraisals of Old Haversham; New Haversham; Little Linford & Mill Road.

February 2019

Calls were made to parishioners to join  the Neighbourhood Plan  team to contribute to the development process with the Parish Council. Four Task Groups were set up, each with responsibility for gathering information in a particular area of community interest. Each task group had three or four members drawn from those who’d expressed interest.

At their first meetings, each group clarified their role and tasks:

Housing & Transport Task Group

Environment & Design Task Group

Community & Facilities Task Group

Community Engagement & Communication


Task Groups continued to meet throughout 2019.

June / July 2018

In June 2018, a Community Questionnaire was circulated to all homes in the parish as part of the process to develop our Neighbourhood Plan. The purpose of the questionnaire was to capture opinions of all residents, not just those who’d attended the March meeting. Responses were analysed and results published in August 2018.

Community Questionnaire further details and results can be found here

Haversham NP Questionnaire

Summary of quantitative responses

March 2018

A community consultation meeting was held in the Social Centre on Wednesday 14 March 2018 for parishioners to hear about the plan and have their say. All parish residents were invited to attend via a leaflet distributed with the parish magazine. A slide presentation by the consultant, Neil Homer, explained the scope of a Neighbourhood Plan.

A copy of the consultants presentation can be found here HcLL Presentation

November 2017

Developing a Neighbourhood Plan was first discussed by the Parish Council: why we need one, what it can do for us as a parish.