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All members of the public are invited to the Parish council meetings –
the NEXT MEETING: is due on Monday 19th July 2021 at 7.40 pm.

An open Public forum will be available before the PC meeting at 7.30 pm.

Should parishioners wish to raise an agenda issue please contact the clerk with your enquiry at

A copy of the July agenda can be found here Agenda July 2021

June’s minutes will be signed off at the above – a copy of that meeting can be found in the minutes section after the meeting.

All meetings are normally held at the social centre, Manor Drive.


View from the Chair

Chair’s Report

Annual Parish Meeting held on 26 April 2021

Financial Year 2020- 2021

 In another departure from the norm which we have all experienced in so many ways over the past 15 months, the Annual Parish Meeting was held by the Parish Council via Zoom.  Twenty four members of the public attended.

The Chair’s Report was given as a presentation, rather than the usual printed copy available at an in-person meeting, so a summary of what was presented is given here.

Financial Report

After introductions, the Parish Clerk presented a Financial Report to the meeting. The Parish Council’s proposed Budget for Financial Year 21/22 is £32,956.27.  Our anticipated income from our precept (our proportion of Council Tax) is £22,848, which is a 2% increase on last year.  The shortfall will be made up by S106 money for three special projects (see below), allotment and advertising revenue and VAT reclaims.

Meetings and Councillors

The Chair explained that due to Covid the Parish Council had been meeting via Zoom. Some members of the public had attended these meeting and, of course, key issues and decisions are highlighted in the “View from the Chair” article in each edition of the magazine.

Two long serving Parish Councillors, Pam Furniss and Ed Neal, left during this year to focus on other things.  The Parish Council thank them for all the hard work they have done for the Parish.   Luckily we were able to co-opt two new members, Jemma English and Andy Swannell.  Many of you will remember Andy Swannell has previously been a member of the Parish Council before. We were grateful to have someone with his experience join the team having lost Pam Furniss and Ed Neal after so many years’ service.


Dogs in the recreation ground was a recurring issue for the Parish Council, this year as in many others.  We explain repeatedly that dogs ARE NOT PERMITTED on the Recreation Ground.  The only exception is for those using the public right of way across the Rec, when dogs MUST be kept on the designated footpath and on a lead.  There have been some worrying incidents in the last year – including a couple of biting reports.  The Parish Council are looking at our legal options to take action against the small minority of dog owners who flout the rules.

Continuing the dog theme, dog waste is also a growing problem.  We have purchased two new dog waste bins – one replacement by the river (under the bridge) and one additional one which will be fitted near the bench at the top of Wolverton Road. The Parish Council have also engaged a new waste contractor.

A huge thank you to the majority of dog owners who always PICK UP after their dogs and take the waste home (or use a bin).  If we could make that 100% of dog owners exercising their four legged friends in the Parish that would be wonderful.

Traffic Initiatives

Another issue of major concern to the community is traffic.  The Parish Council has invested in two Speed Indicator Devices in the old village to try to reduce the speed of some of the through traffic and are liaising with the police on how the data collected can be tied into speed reduction initiatives.

We are also concerned about traffic along Wolverton Road of course and have opened discussions with Milton Keynes Council about the viability of a Zebra Crossing to make the road safer for pedestrians, especially children walking to school.

Reporting to Milton Keynes Council

As you will be aware, many of the problems experienced by residents are the responsibility of Milton Keynes Council and all the Parish Council can do is report the issues, such as fly-tipping, overgrown paths, blocked drains, pot holes, broken street lights etc. etc. on the Council’s website.  We have a number of issues which sadly have been dragging on for months and months.  We believe the more reports that are made the more likely it is that MKC will look to resolve it.  So we would urge everyone to report any issues like this directly onto the MKC website and perhaps email the Parish Clerk to let them know you have done it so we can monitor the situation.

Planning Applications

The Parish Council has a statutory duty to review Planning Applications within the Parish and In the 2020/2021 Financial Year we reviewed 18 planning applications.

We have limited powers – we certainly can’t refuse permission for example – but your Parish Councillors take a lot of care to review applications and make any comments or objections we feel appropriate to Milton Keynes Council, who are responsible for planning decisions.

Website Update

There have been a number of problems with our website, which have made it difficult to upload any significant new content.  Cllr Barry Clift undertook a review and as a result the Parish Council have commissioned a change to a new platform which can be kept up to date and is easier to maintain.


Cllr Jemma English took over the management of the Allotments on behalf of the Parish Council.  She has undertaken a number of initiatives and as a result it was announced at the Annual Meeting that only one vacant plot remained.  That has since been taken and a previously unused area also brought into use as a small plot, so the Allotments are now fully tenanted.  Further applicants will be put onto a waiting list; Haversham-cum-Little Linford residents will obviously be given priority.

Litter Picking

Cllr Philip Turnbull started a litter picking project during the year and several parishioners have got involved in collecting some of the litter being left around our lovely Parish.  Sadly poor weather has meant some of the sessions have had to be postponed but the next one is planned in June.  Please contact Philip by emailing the Parish Clerk if you are interested in getting involved in this very worthwhile project – hi viz jackets and litter grabbers are provided.

Application for Public Right of Way

The Parish Council have made an application for the well-used footpath at the end of Brookfield way to be designated as a Public Right of Way in order to protect its use for residents in the future.  We are awaiting further information from Milton Keynes Council about next steps.

S106 Projects

Oakridge Park was originally part of Haversham-cum-Little Linford and as a result we were entitled to S106 funding toward various projects.  (S106 is an amount paid by a developer to the local authority towards infrastructure, local projects etc.) The last tranche of the funds have been passed to us by Milton Keynes Council, and the Parish Council have agreed to spend these on:

  • Refurbishment of the Skate Ramp
  • Funds towards the decoration of Social Centre
  • An access ramp for St Mary’s Church

We realised some while ago that the Recreation Ground was not properly registered with The Land Registry as being in the ownership of Haversham-cum-Little Linford Parish Council.  With a lot of persistent, detailed work, former Cllr Pam Furniss has recently managed to get this situation rectified and the Parish Council would like to offer our thanks to her for that work. Cllr Furniss also finished off the project she was working on to get the Parish Council archives into order.

Neighbourhood Plan Update


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

  • Sets out policies agreed by the community to inform planning decisions
  • Powerful tool to ensure any development is right development in the right area
  • Offers some protection against speculative development
  • Can only relate to planning issues
  • Cannot over-ride National or Local Authority planning policies

Progress so far

  • Steering group of Parish Councillors and Parishioners
  • Supported by very experienced grant-funded consultants O’Neil Homer
  • Consulted the community – needs, ideas and opinions
  • Researched existing resources/policies and local environment
  • Develop proposed polices (design, environment, community facilities etc.)
  • Call for sites from landowners with potentially suitable development sites
  • 11 sites initially offered by local landowners
  • Informal Technical Assessments undertaken by O’Neil Homer
  • 5 sites which potentially met the criteria were included in most recent Parish-wide consultation
  • Sites No. 6 (Wolverton Road) and No. 11 (High Street) were clearly favoured in the Questionnaire results

Next steps

There are challenges with both schemes which have been put forward for sites 6 and 11.  The Steering Group has agreed to open discussions with both landowners to see if these can be resolved.  The Steering Group will then decide which, if any, site they will recommend goes forward into the Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan for consultation.

The Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan is now being prepared for a formal six week consultation with Parishioners, various statutory bodies and Milton Keynes Council.


Following consultation / amendments, the final Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to MKC, who will undertake their own full consultation.  Once that consultation has been completed, MKC will be responsible for submitting the final Neighbourhood Plan to an Independent Examiner

The Examiner may approve or reject the plan, or ask for amendments to be made.  Once approved by the Examiner a YES/NO referendum in the Parish held by MKC Democratic Services.  If approved by a referendum majority the Haversham-cum-Little Linford Neighbourhood Plan comes into force as part of the statutory development plan for the area.   The Steering Group believe it is important that the Parish has an adopted Neighbourhood Plan so that we can ensure any development in the Parish is of the scale and type the community wants and have some protection against speculative developments.

And finally …

Despite a difficult year, the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have been able to work on a number of initiatives on behalf of the Parish.  We hope that the next year will see us continue to make progress and also get back to a more usual way of working.

Pam Williams

Chair – Haversham cum Little Linford Parish Council



Chair – Pam Williams
3 Mill Road

Vice chair – Philip Turnbull
3 Granary Close

Ian Burgess
Frost Cottage, 16 High Street

Barry Clift
21 Wolverton Road

Carol Langham
108 Wolverton Road

Jemma English
10 Wolverton Road

Andy Swannell

58 Wolverton Road

Clerk – Adele Boughton
8 Keppel Avenue



The Parish Council’s adopted policies and procedures can be viewed here.