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All members of the public are invited to the Parish council meetings –
the NEXT MEETING: is due on Monday 18th October 2021 at 7.40 pm.

An open Public forum will be available before the PC meeting at 7.30 pm.

Should parishioners wish to raise an agenda issue please contact the clerk with your enquiry at

A copy of the agenda can be found here nearer the time

September’s minutes will be signed off at the above – a copy of that meeting can be found in the minutes section after the meeting.

All meetings are normally held at the social centre, Manor Drive.


View from the Chair

Chair’s Report

“When and Where you Want to Travel” –  

Have you tried the new MK Connect service? 

A Demand Responsive Transport service (DRT) has been introduced by Milton Keynes Council (MKC).  The Parish Council would like to know if you have used or tried to use the service yet and whether your experience was positive or negative. 

MK Connect is not restricted to previous timetables or routes, and picks up passengers from close to their chosen pick up and destination points when they want to travel (but not door to door like a taxi!).  MK Connect is available by smartphone app, web or phone booking.  Just call for a vehicle a few minutes before you want to travel. 

The service is available on evenings and weekends across MK, operating from: 

6:00am – 11:00pm on Monday to Saturday 

9:00am – 6:00pm on Sunday 

Public holidays will have Sunday service levels. Easter Sunday and Christmas Day will have no service.   Concessionary passes under the ENCTS scheme will still be valid for free travel after 9:30am on weekdays and all day at weekends. You can pay with debit/credit card via the app or in vehicle with the PAYG purse on the MK Move card.  Period passes are not accepted at this time.   

More information about MK Connect can be found on MKC’s website. 

The 33 bus service is still running but the Parish Council understand that Haversham residents are entitled to use the DRT service.  Have YOU tried it yet?  How did you find the service? 

There have definitely been some reported teething problems reported across Milton Keynes but we would like to hear from YOU.  Please email  with your feedback, putting DRT Feedback in the subject line. 

Defibrillator Campaign 

You will see elsewhere in the magazine a report from the team who have been running the campaign to get three defibrillators in the Parish.  What an amazing job they have done so far in raising funds and working through all the technical challenges.  A huge thank you to them for all their hard work and thank you to everyone who has donated so far. 

Bench at the top of the Rec 

A few weeks ago the Parish Council received request from two of our older residents asking if a bench could be put at the top of the recreation ground.  They explained that they tried to take a walk most days from their home in Wolverton Road, but by the time they got to the top of the Rec they really needed a rest and there was nowhere to sit down.   

The Parish Council agreed putting a bench in this location was a great idea. We have ordered a bench which will be installed there and decided to put a plaque on the bench in memory of Pat Brightman who did so much great work for the Parish.  

Neighbourhood Plan 

Detailed technical work continues on the Neighbourhood Plan and a formal Regulation 14 Consultation will take place soon.  This will be a consultation with everyone in the Parish as well as a number of statutory bodies and MKC. 

The owners of the site in Wolverton Road, which was the most favoured site on the previous questionnaire, have effectively withdrawn their site. Unfortunately they decided at this late stage that they did not wish to limit that site to the size and number of dwellings the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group had clearly specified during the “Call for Sites” process.   

The Steering Group are in discussions with the site owners of site 11 (High Street Old Haversham) which was second choice on the questionnaire and came out well in the Informal Technical Assessment.   

The Parish Council and the NP Steering Group believe that including a small, appropriate development site in the Parish will offer some protection against much larger, speculative schemes from developers. 

Milton Keynes Council 

Your Parish Councillors have become so frustrated with the lack of action on a number of important issues MKC should be dealing with that I recently wrote to the Chief Executive about the lack of response from some departments.  Residents may feel the Parish Council don’t get things done, but unfortunately in many cases all we are able to do is report things to MKC, at which point they seem to disappear into a black hole!  The Chief Executive Michael Bracey has put us in touch with some senior officers so we are hopeful that a few of our outstanding issues may be looked at.  Let’s hope so! 

Devolved Services 

We are talking to other rural parishes who have decided to take responsibility for the landscaping services currently provided by MKC.  If we decide to do this it would start in 2023 and would probably cost more despite a grant towards the costs. However, all the reports we have had so far is that the additional money is worth spending as the service provided is so much better and in line with the parish’s needs and expectations. 

A report will be presented to the Parish Council’s September meeting by Councillor Turnbull. 

Parish Clerk 

Adele Broughton has stepped down as our Parish Clerk so the Parish Council is currently without paid support as her appointed replacement failed to take up the post.  This may lead to some delays in dealing with Parish matters.   

If you are interested in this important role for the Parish, please look at the advert in this issue of the magazine.  Previous applicants will be reconsidered alongside any additional candidates so do not need to reapply. 

The Parish Council would like to thank Adele for her work and support during her time as our Clerk. 

I hope you all enjoy the summer break and I look forward to seeing many of you at the Village Show in September. 

Pam Williams

Chair – Haversham cum Little Linford Parish Council



Chair – Pam Williams
3 Mill Road

Vice chair – Philip Turnbull
3 Granary Close

Ian Burgess
Frost Cottage, 16 High Street

Barry Clift
21 Wolverton Road

Carol Langham
108 Wolverton Road

Jemma English
10 Wolverton Road

Andy Swannell

58 Wolverton Road

Clerk – Adele Boughton
8 Keppel Avenue



The Parish Council’s adopted policies and procedures can be viewed here.