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Smells and Noise from Old Wolverton industry – Report them!


If you have smelt rotting rubbish from the MK Waste recycling plants at Old Wolverton please make sure that you report it to MK Council. 

 Over the last six months or more, the smells from the MK Waste Recycling Plant (WRP) and/or MK Waste Recycling Factory (MWRF) have got progressively worse.  This is a concern given that its winter and in the warmer summer months the smells would be expected to get stronger and more intrusive. 

 It is important to report any smells from the plants to MKC so that the nuisance is recorded and hopefully measures put in place to resolve the problem and ensure the plants are operated according to their operating permits. 

 Any pollution matters should be reported on the councils’ website HERE  

Select “Odours – Industrial/Commercial” 

Alternatively call the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 every time you smell it.


The same goes for noise.  There is often, banging, beeping and other industrial noise from the industrial estate late at night, early hours and weekends.  These should also be reported.  Make sure that you are certain of the origin of the noise.  If possible a quick visit to the industrial estate should identify the source and add legitimacy and accuracy to the complaint. 

 Report noise issues HERE and select “Other” 


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